Culver City Hourly Rehearsal Studios

Room 10am-5pm 5pm-Midnight
Studio B – The Budget Room $18.00/hr $20.00/hr
Studio C – The Original Room $22.00/hr $25.00/hr
Studio D – The Rock Room $22.00/hr $25.00/hr
Studio E – The Player’s Room $22.00/hr $25.00/hr
*Reservations require a 2 hour minimum.
**Day rates non-applicable during weekends.
***24 Hour Cancellation Policy strictly enforced.
Call 310.836.8998 for full-day & multi-day rates.


Culver City Monthly Lockouts

Room Size Availability
Studio A 14×22′ Occupied
Studio F 18×22′ Occupied
Studio G 12×14′ Occupied
Drum Room 8×9′ Occupied

Want to be on the lockout waiting list?

Call 310.836.8998 for availability.